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Socially Acceptable


Community Title


Community Online



NBC’s Community is online – no, scratch that. It’s not just online; it’s connected. Community’s site lets you keep up with new episodes, exclusive interviews and other footage, and it crosses social media boundaries with options ranging from Facebook to Google+. The site is for hardcore fans, kinda devout followers, and complete newbs. The “About” page explains the concept behind Dan Harmon’s cult creation and introduces each member of the cast, with the rest of the important people from executive producer to bottom.

But of course, in Community’s meta way, Greendale Community College also has a website. You can read about the college, the various facilities and amenities they offer, some of the classes you can take, the campus newspaper, and lists the key administration, faculty, and students…meaning our Study Group, Chang, and the Dean. This website is another look inside the brilliant world of Community.



But I do believe my favorite part about this website is the blatant sense of humor. For instance, if you click around the webpage (read: if you’re interested in applying), you’ll find this page:

NBC Community - Greendale Community College - Watch Episodes Online for Free - NBC Official Site (1)

Yep. You read that correctly. You are already accepted to Greendale Community College. While this website doesn’t link you to other social media, it does get you more in tune with the feel of the show and its objective: comedy out of a community college.

But the fans aren’t just interacting with Community-run sites. They’re running some.

Community Things.


This one to be exact.

Here you can find links to interviews and other fanblogs. You can also watch blooper videos and news. For a fan, this is heaven. But this Tumblr particularly provides a network for fans, by fans – a network hat involves reblogging, submissions, discussions, and shipping.

Then, there are the usual, boring choices: twitter and facebook.

So does Community successfully use the internet? I’d say so…especially with that “You’re already accepted” line on the Admissions page.



  1. tvphd says:

    Wow, how quickly we evolve… Facebook and Twitter are already the “boring” options. Which online options do you use? Do you usually use the Internet to gather info on the show between episodes or do you use it to talk to people while watching?

  2. ajthacker says:

    Honestly, I use the Community subreddit more than anything else – it already has an aggregation of blog posts, personal threads, AMAs with the cast and writers, and then of course fun stuff. But I find that medium much more interactive and a perfect mix of fan-base and “professionals” (if you can call them that). It’s equal part entertainment and informational.

  3. louisgalanti says:

    TV shows keep getting more inventive to split from the pack of generic sitcoms. It’s so interesting that the creators of community made a fake website representing the Community College portrayed in the show. It’s transmedia like this that creates a strong cult following for a show such as Community.

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