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This is Britta Perry. Way back in season one, Britta’s role focused on being a leader, a mother, a fighter, and since then, she’s deteriorated into a more delusional, more nonsensical overgrown child.

Greendale is a community college, a school for any and all human beings, and generally as students progress through their studies, choose their major, and get involved, they mature and learn, both about themselves as well as life. However, Britta seems to have a case of the Backwards. She’s roughly thirty something. She’s been an anarchist, in the Peace Corps, traveled to 13 different countries, and experienced life in a way most college students (whose ages usually range from late teens through mid-twenties) haven’t yet had a chance to. If she’s so cultured, so learned, obviously capable of being on her own, why reverse tracks and head to school?

Britta claims that she decided to wake up and do something with her life, so she pursues a degree from Greendale, where she joins a study group, ends up in paintball fights, in Jeff’s…and Vaughn’s…and now Troy’s arms, and studies Psychology. She’s even seen her name become slang for messing things up.

Clearly, college hasn’t been good to Britta. She accomplished more out there in the world and became more of a real person than here at the home of the Human Beings, and as she regresses into her childhood, sounding more unintelligible and less real, Britta is approaching a static flat line.

This contradiction that is Britta Perry isn’t entirely her fault. In fact, the writers have shaped her more than anything else, forcing her from one extreme to the other, pointing up her hypocritical nature in a meta way. Not only have the writers (including Harmon) Britta’d Britta, but Britta is Britta-ing Britta.

While her relationship with Troy is probably the first positive, constructive thing we’ve witnessed her do that is rational and logical, yet also based one hundred percent on living in a childlike world (Troy is very naive, and Britta definitely isn’t) – Britta isn’t really going anywhere. She attempts to provide therapy for Abed, whom she already feels very maternal toward anyway, but on the whole, she isn’t very successful at being a psychologist, especially as she shoves Freud down Jeff’s throat (lol). In fact, if anything, Britta is taking Abed’s place as childish as he seems to be maturing, replacing him next to Troy.

However, regressing into naivety isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it obviously is bringing positive things into her life…like a healthy, carefree relationship. It merely only stresses the contradiction that I’d like to think the writers of Community have built into Britta Perry. Hopefully as this season continues, Britta will finally find some true direction in her life, which, I suppose, is truly the point of growing up.



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  2. rmderose says:

    The Study Group constantly berates Abed for his eccentric world view, filtering everything through TV and pop culture references.

  3. bellk2010 says:

    I was going to do a post like this too, but then I saw you did, and you did such a good job that I did not want to follow in your footsteps. But I agree one hundred percent. I feel like the writers have all the characters down pat. All except for Britta, who has turned into this annoying thing that just seems to be constantly there. I think Britta is the most unlikable character on the show.

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